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We have three ongoing serieses, a guest show, and a blog

19 Nocturne Boulevard

Written and produced
by Julie Hoverson

19 Nocturne Boulevard is an anthology series - half hour stories, ranging from horror to sci fi, from fantasy to dark social commentary and from humor to nothing funny about it...

Since its debut in October of 2008, 19Noc has come out at least twice monthly (with bonus episodes!) ever since.  Episodes of 19 Nocturne won the 2008 (The Outpost) and 2009 (The Rookie) Gold Mark Time awards for best science fiction audio drama, and the episode "Idiot Box" is a finalist in the 2012 Hoerspielsommer Leipzig audio festival in Germany.

Main episode page

Bingo the
 Birthday Clown

Written and produced
by Julie Hoverson

A classic-style serial with nothing traditional about it, Bingo the Birthday Clown is almost indefinable.  Very short episodes podcast every other Tuesday, slowly building a story that might be what came of a mating between a 50s kid's show and "The Prisoner" or "Lost".

Bingo page

The Deadeye Kid

Written and produced
by Julie Hoverson

The Deadeye Kid, a classic old west gunslinger (with a twist - of course), appeared in three episodes of 19 Nocturne Boulevard before being spun off into his own serial in May of 2010.   Podcasts every other Tuesday. alternating with Bingo.

Deadeye main page

Warp'd Space

Written and produced
by Kimberly Poole

The intergalactic colony ship "The Drake" faces many adversaries on its long run to distant worlds.

In 2009, Julie began teaching audio production - her first student, Kim Poole, wrote and produced this as her first show. 

Warp'd Space

Julie's blog

by Julie Hoverson

Julie babbles endlessly - mostly about audio drama production, addressing topics like writing, plotting, audio production, characterization, acting, and anything else that crosses her mind.  She loves to answer questions and address topics sent to her - hint hint.

Blog page

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