Telegram to Satan!

Written by Julie Hoverson
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new story chased by our best friends at the Weekly Bugle.

Cast List
Leona  - Robyn Keyes
Theo "Smoothie" Walsh - Henry Mark
Chief - Julie Hoverson
Forsythe Dickman III - Mark Olson
Farmer Hadley - Garr Godfrey
Daisy - Cailean Evedus
Bartender - Charles Austin Miller
Desk Clerk - Brown Monkey’s Old dude
Second Demon - Sherman bear
Reporters - Bryan, Wes, and Uncle Randy of Drunken Zombie, plus Brown Monkey

Music by  John Woodward
Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson
Cover Design:  Les Clay


"What kind of a place is it?
Why it's a familiar newsroom, can't you tell?"



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