People Who
Live in Wax Houses

Written by Julie Hoverson
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Three stories, separate and intertwined
, center around a failing wax museum.

Cast List
Pippa - Fiona Thraille
Malcolm - Ayoub Khote
Alexis - Explodey Jo
Prof. Woodbridge - Anthony D.P. Mann
Kev - James Sedgwick
Des - Chris Barnes
Barbara - Robyn Keyes
Christopher - Will Watt
Doctor Grande - Chris Woodward
Malcolm's mother - Judith Moore
Malcolm's Father - Gareth Bowley
Jack - Danar Hoverson
Marie - Kate Waterous
Crippen - Reynaud Leboeuf
Uncle Barry - John Lingard
Policemen - Shane McGovern





Music by Coelho De Moraes (album Edipo Tirano, via Jamendo)
Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson
Cover Design:  Julie Hoverson

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"What kind of a place is it?
Why it's an upturned car by the side of a road, can't you tell?"



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