The Town of Golden Woods

Adapted by Julie Hoverson from a story by J.M. Perkins
Originally in Broken Mirror '09 at Dunesteef Audio Magazine
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[warning - foul language and violence]

A secret organization dedicated to fighting the Unknown finds something ... wrong in a small town.

Cast List
Joseph - Big Anklevich
Burke - Rish Outfield
    Dunesteef Audio Magazine
General - Bryan Hendricksen
Doctor - Angela Kirby
Jones - Gene Thorkildsen
Julia - Megan Lane
Rydon - Glen Hallstrom
Goldstein - Reynaud LeBoeuf
Howard - Mark Olson
Glenn & Buchanan -
     Julie & Danar Hoverson
Child - Little Anklevitch
Crowd - Julie Hoverson, Kim Poole
     Beverly Poole, Mike Campbell, Danar Hoverson

Intro title and a little sound help from Glen Hallstrom

Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson
Music by: Matthew Pasternakiew
Also featuring the song "Methylchloroisothiazolinone"
     by Josh Woodward (from his album "Dirty Wings")

Cover Design:  Brett Coulstock

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"What kind of a place is it?
Why it's a secret headquarters, can't you tell?"



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