Edwardian Entertainments

Selected and adapted by Julie Hoverson

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A Marriage Has Been Arranged

By Alfred Sutro
Produced by Lothar Tuppan

Mr. Crockstead:  Rick Lewis
Lady Aline:  Julie Hoverson

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The Reticence of
Lady Anne 

By:  Saki
Narrated and produced by Julie Hoverson
Also featuring Glen Hallstrom and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

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The Sex that Doesn't Shop

By:  Saki
Performed by Will Watt
Produced by Julie Hoverson



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The Weddin'

By Jennie Betts Hartswick

Performed and produced by Julie Hoverson











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The Yellow Wallpaper

By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Performed and produced by Julie Hoverson





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The Occasional Garden

By Saki, adapted by Julie Hoverson
Produced by James Sedgwick (Scattered Sounds)

Elinor - Jennifer Dixon
Baroness - Judith Moore
Teresa - Alexa Chipman
Sarah - Fiona Thraille
Gwenda - Julie Hoverson

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The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall

By John Kendrick Bangs, adapted by Julie Hoverson
produced by Scott Pigg

The GHOST - Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Edward - Gareth Bowley
Leslie - Tansy Undercrypt
Father - John Lingard
Mother - Jennifer Dixon
The American - Julie Hoverson

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Down Pens

By Saki, adapted by Julie Hoverson
produced by Kimberly Poole (Warp'd Space)

Janetta - Tanja Milojevic
Egbert - Will Watt







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A Sacrifice to Necessity
By Saki

Adapted, produced and narrated by Julie Hoverson

Mrs. Pevensly - Jennifer Dixon
Beryl - Fione Thraille




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The Haunted Author
By Marcus Clarke

Adapted by Julie Hoverson, Produced by Tanja Milojevic (Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind), Music by Wynn Erickson

That late night character that just won't let go?  Could be worse!!!

Cast:  Michael Hudson, Stevie K. Farnaby, Gareth Bowley, Danar Hoverson, Ayoub Khote, Tanja Milojevic, Judith Moore, Glen Hallstrom, Will Watt, Julie Hoverson, Katharine D. Clark, Jennifer Dixon, Benjamin Lind

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Pigs is pigs
By Ellis Parker Butler

 Produced by Kimberly Poole (Warp'd Space), narrated by Julie Hoverson

A mixup of terminology in a classic of American humor.

Flannery - Glen Hallstrom
Morehouse - Russell Gold
Mrs. M. - Beverly Poole
Claims Dep't - Rachel Kavic
President - Kimberly Poole



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The Toys of Peace
by Saki

Produced by
    Rhys Torres-Miller
Adapted by Julie Hoverson

A prophetic look at violence in children's toys.

Harvey - Michael Hudson
Eleanor Bope - Jennifer Dixon
Eric - Thomas Hudson
Bertie - James Hudson









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Luella Miller
By Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Produced and narrated by Julie Hoverson

Music from A-M Classical





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A Thousand Deaths
By Jack London

Produced and narrated by Julie Hoverson

Music from Lgor and incompetech.com


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The Yellow Sign
By Robert W. Chambers

 Produced and narrated by Julie Hoverson

Music from Moondark Project


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The Hard-Boiled Egg
by Ellis Parker Butler

Adapted and produced by Julie Hoverson

The number one correspondence school deteckative in Riverside Iowa faces his first challenge!.

Philo Gubb - Danar Hoverson
Mr. Critz - H. Keith Lyons
Piewagon Pete - Garr Godfrey
Jim - Mark Olson
Policeman - Cary Ayers





  Many thanks to Project Gutenberg and Librivox 
  for curating these classic stories. 


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