Plain Jane

From their initial appearance in "Bride of the Minotaur," Jane (along with Annie and Gerald), have become a popular favorite.  They will appear again in November 2010 in "Splinters of the Gate," and later in a serialized story "The Teeth Within."

I've assembled some pictures*...

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Jane and Annie, ready to kick some serious bustle...

Picture used with permission of Smokey Lace on Flickr

"Plain Jane", a young woman with no fear, was recruited by Gerald St. Jude to help him in his family's quest to fight monsters that prey on the normal run of humanity. 

Annie (now "Annie Body") sort of fell into the business, latching onto Jane and having no place else to go.  She's tough and loyal, but not bright.



And, of course, Gerald:
[purchased from Recycled Relatives]

Another lovely pic of Annie:



*The pictures are all genuine antique pictures that I am using to illustrate my (entirely fictional) characters.  These are either pictures in my collection or used with permission of the owners.  The actual people in the photos are (to the best of my knowledge) unidentified, and there is no intention of misrepresenting them in any way.   

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