Welcome to James K. Polk High School!*

As the semester winds to a close, we all gather to celebrate another
year of achievements, another year of friendship, another year of
academic excellence.

This is the perfect time to contemplate what we will all be doing a
week from now, a month from now, a year from now, or even just
"the morning after"....

Anyone who has some free time is welcome in the gym Friday
afternoon to help with prepwork and decorating.  The Fun Committee
thanks you in advance for your generous support!

Notable Students (aka "cast list")


*Keep in mind, this is entirely fictional!


Welcome to Polk High Prom Night!!!

Due to budgetary constraints, we had to skip the banquet hall at
the Marriott this year, and are holding our beloved dance in the
convenience of our own Polk High gym! 

(It was either that or cancel the football team's ski trip last winter...)

Mrs. Snodgrass, our beloved lunch lady, will once again be making
her world-renowned Polk High Punch!

Get your prom picture taken with Polky, the Polk high Polka-dot!

So everyone come and dance with all your friends, to the magical
strains of Sinkhole!* 

See ya there!

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