Bingo the Birthday Clown


Bingo the Birthday Clown, season 1 scripts

Written by Julie Hoverson

Episode 1                             Episode 11                             Episode 21

Episode 2                            Episode 12                             Episode 22

Episode 3                            Episode 13                             Episode 23

Episode 4                            Episode 14                             Episode 24

Episode 5                            Episode 15                             Episode 25

Episode 6                            Episode 16                             Episode 26

Episode 7                            Episode 17                             Episode 27

Episode 8                            Episode 18                             Episode 28

Episode 9                            Episode 19                             Episode 29

Episode 10                          Episode 20                             Episode 30

Copyright 2008-2009 Julie Hoverson and Wheeality Productions, All rights reserved

Physical collages made by Julie Hoverson.
No claim of rights is made, express or implied, to the original artwork these are derived from. 
There is no profit involved in these, but if someone objects to use of a specific piece,
for which they hold the copyright, I will willingly remove that piece from the picture.

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